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Sep 13, 2013

Friday 13 Sep 2013 - Launch of the publication of the MAPPA Annual Report 2012-13

Lothian & Borders Community Justice Authority launch of the MAPPA Annual Report 2012-13

Category: News

Click here to download MAPPA Annual report 2012-13

The ELBEG (Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders Group) Strategic Group provides the oversight for MAPPA across Lothian & Borders. Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) provides a framework to manage the risk posed by Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs) and Restricted Patients (mainly violent offenders with a small number of sex offenders). MAPPA brings together professionals from the police, local authorities, health and the Scottish Prison Service in Edinburgh, Lothian and the Borders, known as Responsible Authorities. These arrangements are co-ordinated by a central unit, while the practical management of offenders remains the responsibility of the Responsible Authorities at local level.

This report demonstrates that the most serious offenders managed through MAPPA have been supervised effectively thereby preventing them re-offending and causing further harm. In addition, compliance has been high, with those who have not fully complied with notification requirements or statutory conditions returned to court or prison minimising the risk of further serious offences.

Effective risk management requires ongoing monitoring, review and evaluation. While no system, however robust will be able to guarantee an offender will never go on to re-offend, the CJA through ELBEG and the Responsible Authorities supports the commitment for continual development to strengthen public protection arrangements across Lothian & Borders.


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